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Talent Acquisition

| What We Offer |


  • Talent Search Projects
    • Talent searches service for PE owned portfolio companies and corporate.
    • Position Types: C-level, Board, GM, VP and Director positions (Minimum $100K salary)


  • Expert Network
    • Extensive Network to Meet Your Needs: If your company is expanding or planning to expand in the future, we can connect you with the right industry experts who can provide you with due diligence consulting and growth strategies.



Our Process



1. Orientation | We will work with the client to establish a clear set of criteria based on the project requirements. Criteria may include, but is not limited to:

  • Requirements:

    • Industry

    • P&L

    • Level of experience

    • Previous or highest title

  • Company Background

    • Timeline


2. Broad Search |

  • Proprietary Database
  • Pre-Qualified Candidate Profiles
  • Quick Feedback
  • Deliverables
  • Search Report
  • List of Potential Candidates
  • Applies Search Criteria


3. Screening | Using the broad search report, we will conduct in-depth interview to identify the ideal candidates. Research activities include:

  • Thorough resume review
  • Background due diligence
  • Phone Interview
  • Referral due diligence
  • Schedule interviews


4. Presentation | We will present the top candidates to the client, briefly walking them through the candidate’s resume, background, characteristics, success and overall impression. At that point, the client will select the candidates they with to pursue.


5. Introductions | Upon approval, we will deliver the resumes complete with contact information and specific background information on the candidate(s). We will then set up a phone meeting between the client and the candidate(s). If the client is not able to find a suitable candidate(s), search refinements will be done until all possible candidates have been exhausted.



Sample Talent Acquisition Closed Wins:


                                         PE BACKED                                         CORPORATE



“Talent Acquisition is an integral part of developing a solid business foundation with executives and sourcing groundbreaking deals. — Gerald O’Dwyer