Andrew Nagorski


Chief Executive Officer

”The Cleaner” gets start-ups off the ground, turns-around failing organizations, and prepares companies for acquisition.    In the public sector, he has served as CFO, CIO and has even held a publicly-elected position. In the private sector, he has served as a CEO. He is an industry leader in the realms of student recruitment, retention, and job placement.  

Andrew Nagorski is the rapid-fire “Fixer” that quickly assesses company capabilities, strategy, and resources to develop a road map to achieve shareholder goals.

Mr. Nagorski optimizes business development through tactical top-down evaluations of metrics, marketplace trends, sales pipelines, and target customer accounts to concentrate company resources on highest ROI production activities.

Furthermore, Andrew Nagorski is an active mentor and coach who shifts cultural paradigms into individual ownership and accountability. He fosters buy-ins for new organizational objectives.

He is a performance champion that audits operations and business processes to eliminate inefficiency to create sustainable operation supporting company direction.


Chief Executive Officer | 5/2014–present

Diamond Student Information System – Woodland Hills, CA. 

Andrew Nagorski positioned company to sell due to his ability of quickly implementing changes that add value. He set strategic direction, administer full cycle of product and service sales / delivery, and oversees financial performance levels including P&L in preparation for acquisition of $4 million / year, 42-headcount corporation.

§  Introduced first-ever 5 year strategic plan to address organization’s languishing product direction and strategy. Andrew Nagorski began first of five BPO acquisitions, complementing company’s software solutions to provide market edge over competitors.

§  Formalized business processes including establishing new standards and practices. Andrew trained staff on risk mitigation to reassure account valued at $150,000 which persuaded them to close by demonstrating ability to address concerns.

§  Boosting recurring hosting contracts to equal 25% of all company sales by shifting all new software license sales to be hosted in-house.

§  Generating a 42% increase in sales growth within six months. After releasing a new product pricing model, Andrew generated 4,355 new prospects within the North American marketplace. He developed formal sales pipeline process and transferred focus from brand awareness marketing to high-yield lead generation activities. Finally, Andrew introduced new sales processes to speed up responses immediately after lead generation to capitalize on customer interest. 

§  Honed pricing strategies to compete with competitors. Andrew Nagorski tracked differentiation and low cost initiatives offered by similar companies then altered them to highlight product advantages.