Blackmore Connects – Private Equity Conference

What Is This Event About?


This event is the only choice when it comes to Executive-Private Equity networking when the objective is to land board roles and other c-level opportunities. No one makes connecting easier, more efficient, and rewarding. The ROI to participate in this event will be a revelation!


The Comparables:
Let’s take a look at the general level of effort required to get on the calendar for an in-person meeting with a Private Equity decision maker:
– 4 hours a week for 6 months emailing your list of 100+ PE firms, in an attempt to get their attention
– 20 hours making 70+ calls to set up 8 in-person meetings
– 36 hours flying, driving, taxiing, walking, and sitting in lobbies
– $6,000+ in travel and expenses for a week-long trip
– 3 meetings canceled
– 4 meetings with non-decision makers
– 13 hours of waiting for people to show up
– Tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of your precious time a year
– ZERO job offers
Now compare with the BlackmoreConnects™conference and networking events that provide one-on-one, Executive – Private Equity meetings experience:
– Zero hours setting up meetings—we do it all for you
– A minimum of 8 and maximum of 15 one-on-one meetings with qualified senior leaders from private equity firms
– One quick flight, to a five-star hotel, for a day starting at Noon and ending at 8pm – The University Club of Chicago
– Zero minutes waiting for people to show up
– 20+ Private Equity firms interested in meeting YOU
– Weekly deal pitch Coaching meetings and webinars leading up to each event

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