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Blackmore Partners, Inc. – Kidd & Company, LLC Close Deal On World’s First Global Parcel Analytics Platform

May, 2017, Chicago, IL – Blackmore Partners, Inc. announced that it assisted Kidd & Company, LLC in the merger of Advanced Distribution Solutions, Inc., Agile Network, and Pantechnik International to form Logistyx Technologies ( – the instant leader in transportation management execution (TME)  and the world’s first global parcel analytics platform.  With the industry’s largest geographic footprint and most capable products, Logistyx Technologies helps businesses reduce shipping costs and improve efficiencies. Its edge computing model combines the power and collaboration capabilities of the cloud with the speed and agility of onsite tools and technology to ensure seamless support of the world’s largest and most sophisticated warehouse operations, as well as small businesses relying on manual fulfillment processes. Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Logistyx Technologies has U.S. offices in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego and St. Louis, and international offices in Amsterdam, Singapore and Toronto. The deal originated from a senior operating executive that Blackmore identified. Yelena Edelstein, Blackmore’s Deal Partner, played a key role in the transaction process.  When asked about the most challenging and rewarding aspects of the deal, Yelena points to the complexity associated with the multiple companies and their owners. “This was an investment strategy”, Yelena said, “that allowed us to differentiate in the fiercely competitive M&A environment.” We look forward to working again with Kidd & Company on similar investment strategies. About Blackmore Partners: founded in 2005, Blackmore Partners is a Chicago-based Private Equity Independent Sponsor that closely collaborates with world-class senior operating executives on developing investment theses and sourcing, evaluation, and executing investments.  Blackmore partners with top industry talent and finest companies to fully realize the companies’ value creation potential.  This executive-led approach gives business owners the flexibility to meet their personal goals and connects the future of the business to the owner’s legacy.   For more information about Blackmore Partners, please visit our website and our LinkedIn.


  • Advanced Distribution Solutions, Inc.
  • (ADSI), 6 Agile Network companies
  • Agile Network brand entity
  • Pantechnik International

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