Blockchain Technology: Efficiency For The Future

Blackmore Partners, Inc. will be hosting an informational webinar for blockchain technology. The goal of this session is to present the fundamentals of blockchain technology and demonstrate various ways in which executives can propel business transactions in different industries and enterprises in new growth opportunities.

Date: February 2, 2018              Time: 3:00 PM ET

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The blockchain platform will improve processes against inefficiencies; transactions are recorded chronologically through a ledger distributed across many participants in the network – it doesn’t exist in one place. Blockchain technologies present opportunities to enable global business transactions to happen with less friction.
The Blockchain Platform 
  •  BF:
  • The platform can be linked to other exchange products using a secured private platform using blockchain technology, a registration process is the first step to the digital identity network that will process immediate business. The platform provides cash management and payment processing solutions. The platform will allow the buyer and or investor to take delivery of the desired product with full title to the holder and the seller will have access to a ready monetary value of choice.
  •  Partners:
  • We are looking to change the way sales happen by partnering with stakeholders through the value chain, including stock exchanges, banks, investment dealers, producers, industry.
  •  Technology:
  • Blockchain is a digital ledger that records transactions multiple times across a number of computers on multiple networks and locations; each transaction is securely chained to the previous one with a digital footprint. Our Technology Team can explain the technology in detail upon request and is available to have a paid on-site meeting.
  •  Propelling Business with Blockchains: 
  • Global trade has been the single greatest creator of wealth in human history, and market friction the greatest obstacle to wealth in human history, and market friction the greatest obstacle to wealth. Over the years, businesses have overcome multiple sources of friction. Institutions and instruments of trust emerged to reduce risk in business transactions. Technology innovations helped overcome distances and inefficiencies. Still, many business transactions remain inefficient expensive, and vulnerable.
  • Blockchain technology has the potential to remove much of the remaining market friction – the speed bumps stall the pace of business. As friction dissipates, a new science of organization will emerge, revolutionizing the way industries and enterprises are structured. With transparency the norm, a robust foundation for trust can become the springboard for further economic growth. Participants and assets once shut out of markets can join in, unleashing an accelerated flow of capital and unprecedented opportunities to create wealth.
  •  Wealth and Risk Management:
  • The platform may be used by wealth managers and family offices to help their clients manage risk in the portfolio.

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