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blackmore Partners INTERNSHIP PROGRAM

Blackmore Partners is looking to hire the best and brightest students into our internship programs. Each internship department offers unique opportunities to grow and develop talent.

Industry Skills and Experience –We give exposure to our team members (interns) on the private equity (PE) industry expectations and how Private Equity Groups and Investment Banks operate. We train them to speak confidently with PE Firms and Executives. Our unique company structure allows our team members to get hands-on experience and break into this highly competitive industry. It will teach you valuable skills to prepare you for a career in our industry.

Professional Growth – We invest our time to nurture our team members so they can excel in their performance in an ever-changing PE environment. There will be countless opportunities for our team members to explore different areas of interest as they work with Blackmore Partners, such as jumping into projects or joining new teams within the first 4-6 weeks of the internship program.

Working in a Remote Environment –  Blackmore Partners will always be active and fun. Our fast-paced environment pushes our team members to achieve their personal and professional goals at the end of their internships. Their innovative ideas and voices are heard and valued so there will be no room for bureaucracy. Our team members, who are diverse in culture and background, create a unique, warm, and welcoming atmosphere.

What You Will Learn –Client Relationship database management, Deal marketing materials Preparation, Financial language, Industry research,  Professional communication, Presentation skills, Knowledge about PE groups’ and M&A communities’ needs and criteria in Time management.

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Discipline Being self-disciplined, with defined goals, that demonstrates a level of motivation in anything you do. 

Commitment With being disciplined comes a certain level of commitment. Putting your everything into a task or project and being committed to seeing it through to the best of your ability is a strong quality.

Curiosity Wanting to learn and being inquisitive shows motivation and genuine interest, which is an excellent quality. Asking questions is a way to learn more and, in doing so, you will develop within your role.

Open-mindedness: It is an essential ingredient to innovation. It is through trying new things, experimenting, and making mistakes that we learn. Taking to an internship with this approach will get you far.

Self-direction: While you’re going to need some guidance in an internship and you’re there to learn, an employer wants to know that you can use your initiative and that you won’t need constant direction. Being autonomous and able to self-direct is a great quality. Managing your own time, meeting deadlines, showing a strong work ethic, and asking for help when needed are the kind of things you need to be able to demonstrate.

Throughout the internship, you are able to have a clear picture of the PE industry, improve your professional skills in all aspects, and expand your networking.

We provide 3 months or 6 months internship program. 

Vacation time depends on the length of your internship. 6 Month Full-Time members have 5 vacation days.
If you are applying for a 6 Months Part Time, 3 Months Full Time or Part Time, you will need to request vacation you may have to make up the days you take off to receive a recommendation letter from Blackmore Partners.

Yes, Blackmore Partners does offer internship college credit with the university’s approval.

Yes, if you need CPT or OPT we can provide additional information.

Supervisor provides weekly KPI report about the team members performance

We have a very diverse remote working environment with a flat structure. We are team-oriented, promote open communication, and a fast-paced learning environment.

You will get to experience participating in our BlackmoreConnects Conferences to see how executives and Private Equity firms connect with one another. You will also have the opportunity to experience executive workshops and webinars which are intended to help prepare executives for conferences with PE firms. All of these events are great ways to connect with others and grow your skills within the industry.

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