Q & A

What kinds of candidates are you looking for?

We are looking for self-motivated, hard-working, and quick learner.

What I can get out of the unpaid internship?

Throughout the internship, you are able to have a clear picture of the PE industry, improve your professional skills in all aspects, and expand your networking.

How long is the internship period?

3 months or 6 months.

Is it an unpaid internship?


Does the company provide sponsorship?

Yes, depending on the current sponsorship situation.

I am an international student; Can I still apply for the internship?

Yes, but you need CPT or OPT.

Does the company provide internship training?

Yes, the internship provides an intensive training that usually lasts for 7-9 days.

How many hours do interns work every day?

The work week is Monday through Friday, interns are required to arrive at company at 8:00am and are able to leave at 4:30pm if they take 1-hour (12:00pm-1:00pm) lunch break.

How does the company review an intern’s performance?

We usually have a test after the training session to measure your understanding of the materials. In addition, we also have a 1-month review and a 3-month review for interns and will have both a detailed review and career consulting sessions for each intern.

What is the company culture at Blackmore Partners?

We have a very diverse working environment with a flat structure and an open space. We are team-oriented, promote open communication, and a fast-paced learning environment.