30-Second Verbal Introduction Outline

Written By: Gerald O’Dwyer the PE Guru


Welcome to our blog, where we’ll explore the art of delivering a compelling 30-second verbal introduction. Whether you’re an executive aiming to impress potential investors or a business professional looking to make a strong first impression, this guide will help you perfect your pitch.

Context and Introduction (5 seconds)

  • “Good morning/afternoon. I’m [Name], CEO of [Company/Background].

Your introduction sets the stage for the rest of your pitch. Make it concise and impactful, ensuring that your audience knows who you are and your professional background.


Target Company Overview (5 seconds)

  • “I’m here to discuss acquiring [Target Company Name], a leading player in the [specific niche/industry].”

Briefly introduce the target company and its industry. This establishes the purpose of your presentation and grabs your audience’s attention.


Key Financials (7 seconds)

  • “With a revenue of $[specific number] and an EBITDA in the range of $3m to $15m, they’ve consistently demonstrated financial stability and growth.”


Highlight key financial figures to showcase the target company’s financial health and potential for investment.


Market Potential (5 seconds)

  • “We’re targeting a market estimated at $[specific market size], with [specific growth rate or other relevant metric] growth year-over-year.”

Emphasize the market size and growth potential to demonstrate the opportunity for success.


Deal Thesis (5 seconds)

  • “The acquisition would [specific benefit, e.g., “open up new synergistic opportunities” or “consolidate our market presence”], creating substantial value for stakeholders.”

Clearly state the reasons for the acquisition, focusing on how it will benefit your company and stakeholders.


Personal Credentials & Fit (8 seconds)

  • “Having successfully led [previous venture or relevant experience], I bring the right mix of industry knowledge and operational expertise to ensure the success of this venture.”


Highlight your qualifications and experience, showcasing why you’re the right person to lead this venture.


Closing (2 seconds)

  • “I look forward to exploring this opportunity with you.”


Conclude your pitch with enthusiasm and an invitation to further discuss the opportunity. 


In just 30 seconds, this structured pitch allows you to convey essential information while underscoring your unique qualifications to lead the endeavor. Mastering this format will help you make a memorable impression in any business setting.

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