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As an executive seeking a role in a private equity-owned company, you can apply these principles.

Written by:  The PE Guru – Gerald Moran O’Dwyer, III – Blackmore Partners, Inc. 


As an executive seeking a role in a private equity-owned company, you can apply the principles outlined in “Only the Paranoid Survive” to thrive and survive in the job market by following these steps:   

  • Stay aware of changes in the private equity industry: Understand the current trends and developments in the private equity market, such as the types of companies being acquired and the strategies being employed by private equity firms. Be prepared to explain how you would address changes in the industry if you were to join a private equity-owned company.  



  • Network: Build relationships with private equity professionals and executives at private equity-owned companies. Attend industry events, join professional organizations, and seek out mentorship opportunities to expand your network.   


  • Build a strong personal brand: Develop a reputation as an expert in your field and as someone who can add value to a private equity-owned company. Highlight your experience working with private equity firms and the value you can bring to a portfolio company.   


  • Understand your core competencies: Be aware of your strengths and how they align with the needs of private equity-owned companies. Be able to articulate how your skills and experience can help a private equity-owned company achieve its goals.   



  • Continuously monitor your performance: Regularly evaluate your job search strategies and make adjustments as needed. Analyze what is working and what isn’t, and make changes accordingly.   



  • Foster a culture of “strategic paranoia” within your job search: Be aware of potential threats and opportunities, question assumptions, and look for potential disruptions. Be ready to pivot quickly if a new opportunity arises or if the market changes.   


By staying informed about the private equity industry, networking and building a strong personal brand, understanding your core competencies, and continuously monitoring your performance, you can increase your chances of finding a role in a private equity-owned company.   

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