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lionCategory: Industry Roll-up, Management Buy-in, Strategic Service Expansion

Company Description: Built in 1905, The Lion Brewery is located in the northeast region of Pennsylvania and it is the second largest brewery in the state. Lionshead is the flagship brand of the brewery, selling over 750,000 cases annually.

Achievement: 21% IRR and double EBITDA in 2 years.


“At one point, the private equity firm that we were dealing with backed out; Blackmore Partners picked up right where we left off and continued the process. Their unparalleled dedication and persistence got the deal moving forward, and the difference is: unlike typical consultants that would just walk away at this point, they stuck with me to the end, and I truly appreciate that.” — Ron Hammond, Former CEO of The Lion Brewery




northCategory: Platform Buy-in, Consulting, add-ons.

Company Description: Founded in 1953, Northwest Mailing Service is one of the nation’s leading direct marketing service providers and it established its expertise in marketing consultation, design, lettershop, printing and distribution needs.

Achievement: Rapid revenue growth; created pharmaceutical kit, a program used by over 90% of physicians.



“Blackmore Partners truly embraces the word ‘partner’. They have been an honest, forthright, hard working partner on my behalf. The entire Blackmore team has been willing to have the difficult discussions needed and provided me with the support and professionalism that is required for moving into the world of private equity.” — Tom Ragen, CEO of Northwest Mailing Service




1413485183154Category: TBA

Company Description: In the 1950s, Humanetics led the industry with the development of research dummies for testing air and space craft ejection seats. Since then, technological advances have contributed to constant improvements in the capabilities, quality and accuracy of crash test dummies.

Achievement: TBA

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