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Blackmore partners internship TestimonIALS


Louie Wang – Private Equity Business Development

“Most beneficial to me was to build up my communication skills within the business area because before that I didn’t really have much involvement in business level communication. now I can build up connections with not only just my co-workers but also the executives which are basically the clients for Blackmore.”  

Wenham Shen – Private Equity Business Development

“When I was working with Blackmore we were actually connecting deals and or C-level executives with private equity firms so I had that experience and exposure with private equity firms during my time at Blackmore.”

Bahri Kurapey – Private Equity Business Development 

Being able to come into Blackmore you really start to work on the operations of the business. Working on the CRM, team you get a feel of how the business actually works, in terms of sourcing clients and people who could have possible deals and then working through that with them. 

Kareena KhemlaniHuman Resources and Talent Acquisition

“I learned a lot of different things at Blackmore Partners from conducting interviews and onboarding sessions to be able to communicate more effectively and work as part of the team, as well as many different leadership skills when I had to train other interns and so much more.” 

Eric Siathone – Human Resources and Talent Acquisition

By doing the onboarding at Blackmore it made me realize how passionate I am about this process and setting up new team members for success.” 

Rumsha Sheerani – Human Resources and Talent Acquisition

That internship helped to develop a lot of my skills when it came to recruiting and Human Resources. I would definitely recommend going for the internship because it can help you in the future. 

Gregory Hemmes – Information Technology 

“It’s really the experience of being able to do what I thought was best or what I wanted to try with Azure and the new software and other things we implemented. Just having that ability to say hey, I want to try this.” 

Gabriel Wesebe – Information Technology 

Employers are definitely looking for that practical knowledge. Not a lot of people have actual applied skills and Blackmore provides that for its interns.” 

Leia Ladios – Information Technology 

“The work I did at Blackmore made me more confident that I will be hirable once I graduate from college.” 

Chris Coulombe – Digital Marketing

“Anyone looking to do something different would benefit from from doing an internship and Blackmore Partners helps you learn a lot of tools. It gives you a direction to go and there’s also projects that we were able to implement and have been implemented that have grown the company as we went so it feels like you’re part of something as well.” 

Yuqing (Yuki) Yan – Digital Marketing 

“You should consider an internship at Blackmore because it’s remote and will give you the experience working in a remote position as well as learning the ins and outs of the private equity industry.”   

Ya Ting (Elaine) Lin – Digital Marketing 

“I was able to gain valuable real experience such as SEO, content marketing, social media marketing and Email marketing. And I also learned a lot of software. How to use tools, such as Keap which is a CRM tool, and Power Automate to execute some of the stuff.”

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