Teamwork & Collaboration: 

One of our most important values at Blackmore Partners is collaboration, and successful interns will be those who are able to effectively work together with others to achieve a common goal. Those who can be active listeners as well as speak up and share their ideas will learn a lot from their internship experience.  


At Blackmore Partners, we have a professional environment. To us, this means that each employee will contribute toward creating a positive and respectful environment through punctuality, attention to detail, time management, and effective communication.  


Our interns are people who come to work with the desire to learn, and who have a commitment to pursuing their passions. We want our interns to benefit from their time here, and those who are curious and proactive will gain the most from this internship.   


Yes, you may earn college credit for this internship, provided you have received approval from your college/university. In this program, we intend for our interns to obtain practical experience in a professional environment, and we hope that this experience will assist in making decisions regarding future career goals. We think that this program would be a great way for students to fulfill educational requirements and to transition into a meaningful career beyond the classroom.  

We offer 4 different choices for internship periods:  

  • Full time 6-month (40 hrs/wk) [Preferred!] 
  • Full time 3-month (40 hrs/wk) 
  • Part time 6-month (≥ 20 hrs/wk) 
  • Part time 3-month (≥ 20 hrs/wk) 

We accept internship applications on a rolling basis throughout the year depending on our hiring needs.  

If you are a full time 6-month intern, you will have 5 vacation days to use throughout the duration of your internship.  


For all other interns, there is no given vacation time. That said, for days that interns have an approved reason for being absent, this is still possible. After approval, interns will need to arrange a time to make up these days in order to fulfill the internship requirements. We want all of our interns to gain as much as possible from our internship, and to do so, it is essential that you are here for the full duration of your internship period.  

Blackmore Partners is a collaborative, team-based environment. Being remote allows us to hire a diverse group of interns from across the country, and we consider the opportunity to learn from one another to be very valuable regardless of our position in the company. Our employees are motivated to continue growing as individuals, and our goal is that our interns walk away having enjoyed their time here at Blackmore and having gained valuable experience and networking opportunities along the way.  

No worries! This internship is the perfect way to get introduced to the world of private equity – we don’t expect you to know it all already. We strongly encourage you to explore our website to begin learning, with the mindset that your understanding of PE will continue to grow. Our onboarding process also has a focus on helping our interns to understand private equity and the role that Blackmore Partners plays in the industry.  

We do not offer our interns full-time positions upon completion of this internship. That said, as an intern you will be taking on many responsibilities and developing many skills. For those that successfully complete the internship requirements, we would be happy to provide a letter of recommendation that will convey those skills to your future employer.  

Our hours are Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm Central Time (CDT/CST). For our interns in a different time zone, we still prefer that they work during these hours, because it makes our communication and collaboration more efficient. This is how our working hours convert to some other US time zones:  

  • Eastern Time (EDT/EST): 9am – 6pm 
  • Mountain Time (MDT/MST): 7am – 4pm 
  • Pacific Time (PDT/PST): 6am – 3pm 

In an unpaid internship, you are offered many opportunities that may be otherwise unavailable to you. First and foremost, this internship will give you exposure to the private equity industry, which is known for being a very competitive industry. Additionally, interns get to see firsthand how professionals in this industry network and to take advantage of unique networking opportunities. Another opportunity that this unpaid internship offers is the ability to build your resume by gaining practical experience. Whether you are looking for a career in HR, IT, Digital Marketing, or Private Equity, you can gain valuable workplace skills and knowledge that will help you to perform better and become more employable in your chosen profession. Finally, you may not know exactly what you would like out of your future career just yet, and in an unpaid internship that is perfectly fine. One of our goals is to allow you to try new things and to discover what your passions are. 

Yes! We have many international students that apply for this internship.  


Some international students will require CPT or OPT authorization in order to complete their internship. Note that for both authorizations, the internship you apply for must relate to your college major. CPT, or Curricular Practical Training, is an authorization that needs to be granted by your school while you are still a student. To apply for CPT, you will need to have been offered an internship position first. OPT, or Optional Practical Training, can be completed either during school or after you have graduated. Unlike CPT, you can apply for OPT without having already received a job offer. There are also many other federal regulations and school policies that must be complied with in order to qualify for either of these training opportunities. To get started, see your school’s designated school official (DSO) for more information. 

We have several planned meetings to go over our interns’ performance. We start by meeting with each intern immediately after their training to ensure they feel comfortable as they transition into their work. Then, after about one month (and after 3 months for 6-month interns), we have a performance review meeting. Our goal in these meetings is to ensure that each intern is not only meeting our expectations, but also that we are meeting theirs In addition to these scheduled meetings, interns will have the option to reach out and schedule additional times to discuss their personal performance within our internship program. Success looks different for each of our interns, and reviews of performance will be focused on how to make the most of your internship. 

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