Information Technology Internship

The information technology interns, following the initial orientation, will join the IT and CRM team where they will get to work on hands-on projects and internally support the company. Interns will learn new software and platforms as well as implement their knowledge of technology to better improve the company processes. They will be in constant communication with all other teams within the company to provide fast and efficient IT support and technology solutions. Interns will be part of the front-end or back-end within the IT team based on intern’s skill sets and interests and will have the opportunity to work on research, IT, back end, front-end, and data analysis projects based on the company’s needs. 



Former Informational Technology/ Software Developer Intern
Currently Software Development Engineer 

“It was a good learning experience working here at blackmore partners. The BMP internship helped me to get closer to my career goals because I was able to work in the IT team on projects that could help to enhance my skills. The most satisfying thing for me was collaborating in an environment where teamwork is emphasized. I recommend this internship to someone committed to working to finish the assigned task by the deadline. This internship helped me improve my presentation, communication, time management handling projects skills.” 
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