Private Equity Business Development Internship

The Private Equity Business Development Interns participate in a rotational program through all levels of our firm, depending on your ability and experience, giving you a comprehensive overview of the deal process, from deal generation, deal qualification and if possible, during your term, you may get involved in buy-side and add on projects. Placed in small teams, you will be responsible for executing and monitoring critical segments of our business, starting with our front-end process (deal sourcing) and potentially moving to our back-end process (deal qualification).  



Former Private Equity Intern
Currently Senior Associate at Willamette Management Associates 

“What I enjoyed about the internship was learning about private equity and attending the various networking events within the industry. To succeed in this internship was to have a self-starter mentality and a passion for finance. I recommend this internship to my colleagues because working in private equity is a rare occurrence for most. Working in PE straight out of college is a spectacular opportunity. The internship gave me a platform to jumpstart my career in finance.” 

Former Private Equity Business Development and Informational Technology Intern
Currently Trading Specialist at Geowealth 

“In this internship at Blackmore, I learned a lot about the PE world, and I still have a lot to learn. Improved my communication skills with other interns (learned how to motivate a team) and the partners, executives, and outside-the-company contacts. For me, the appreciation of the hard work and what I contributed to the team and BMP, in general, was the most motivating. I think anyone interested in an internship like this, needs to be committed, have good communication, be detail-oriented, and have an outgoing personality to interact with high-level executives or capital providers.” 



Former Private Equity Analyst
Currently Analyst at Credit Agricole CIB

“Working at Blackmore has given me the opportunity to gain unparalleled knowledge about the investment banking and private equity world, and the various ways to analyze possible investments. Blackmore’s workplace presents a flat structure that facilitates communication between peers and management, making it transparent and comfortable. I particularly value the opportunity to work closely with my manager who has been an example of professionalism and a constant help throughout the learning process. He has always communicated deliverables in a transparent manner while showing me his willingness to teach me the intricacies of each deal and investment opportunities. This experience will be a great tool when pursuing a career in investment banking. I would classify this internship as a great working experience where interns can get as much as they want out of it, participating in different tasks, polishing their soft skills, and learning about the industry.”

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