Private Equity Business Development Internship

The Private Equity Business Development Interns participate in a rotational program through all levels of our firm, depending on your ability and experience, giving you a comprehensive overview of the deal process, from deal generation, deal qualification and if possible, during your term, you may get involved in buy-side and add on projects. Placed in small teams, you will be responsible for executing and monitoring critical segments of our business, starting with our front-end process (deal sourcing) and potentially moving to our back-end process (deal qualification).  



Former Private Equity Business Development and Informational Technology Intern
Currently Trading Specialist at Geowealth 

“In this internship at Blackmore, I learned a lot about the PE world, and I still have a lot to learn. Improved my communication skills with other interns (learned how to motivate a team) and the partners, executives, and outside-the-company contacts. For me, the appreciation of the hard work and what I contributed to the team and BMP, in general, was the most motivating. I think anyone interested in an internship like this, needs to be committed, have good communication, be detail-oriented, and have an outgoing personality to interact with high-level executives or capital providers.” 


Olivia Kreber

Former Private Equity Business Development and Informational Technology Intern

This internship gives people the opportunity to learn a lot about private equity and there is a lot of room to network with firms and executives throughout the entirety of the program. I really enjoyed the fact that when I would share interest in other aspects (I.e. leadership, deals, etc.) I would be assigned tasks and invited to meetings, so I was able to make the most of my time at the internship and learn as much as possibleThis helped me to practice talking to senior executives, present to people, sell a service, etc. I also learned a lot about private equity as well as network with firms during the


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