Crafting Your Personal Network for a Private Equity Position: Why Building 200+ Connections Matters

Written by:  The PE Guru – Gerald Moran O’Dwyer, III – Blackmore Partners, Inc. 



As a professional aiming to pivot into the Private Equity domain, it’s essential for you to establish an extensive and robust network of firms that you can engage with and present potential investment opportunities to. In the present climate of the Private Equity arena, the importance of sourcing and providing firms with investment prospects cannot be overstated. It’s a critical component in making a significant impact and securing a position. 


Our findings reveal that an average executive maintains fruitful relationships with approximately five Private Equity firms. But to seize desirable positions, executives must broaden their horizons and significantly increase their network of firms. 


BlackmoreConnects™ presents an optimal platform for executives striving to extend their network and forge personal relationships while identifying promising opportunities. Our business development strategy equips executives with the requisite resources and insights to secure board and executive positions within these firms, leveraging over 25 distinct strategies to attract their attention. 



We offer several databases, keeping executives abreast of the latest news and developments on PE firms, entrepreneurs, and companies acquired by Private Equity. This information becomes indispensable when new leadership is often sought after the acquisition of a platform company. Our databases empower executives to stay ahead of the curve, enabling them to source deals they could potentially pitch to firms, a critical aspect of securing a role. 



Our diverse conferences and networking events serve as an effective means to widen your network and cultivate relationships with a multitude of firms. These events offer the chance to have one-on-one interactions with a range of firms. Not only do you get the chance to introduce yourself to Private Equity professionals personally, but you also get the opportunity to impress them with potential deals sourced via BlackmoreConnects™, thereby elevating your candidacy. 


Adopting the practices offered by BlackmoreConnects™ will give you a significant competitive edge as you vie with other executives who may fall behind due to a lack of suitable tools to grow their network. 



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