Gerald O’Dwyer

Gerald+(1)Gerald O’Dwyer


Gerald is recognized as a thought leader and outstanding innovator in the rapidly growing field of private equity. He is the founder of Blackmore Partners, an independent private equity firm and intermediary. Blackmore Partners provides investing capital and business expertise to enterprises with potential. Blackmore Partners forms strategic partnerships with existing management teams, leveraging expertise and relationships to stabilize, strengthen and grow lasting value. Moreover, investment efforts and managerial expertise focus on the operation of a global and diversified portfolio of business enterprises. This includes opportunities in industries such as media, distribution, healthcare, defense, and financial services.

Secondly, Gerald O’Dwyer is also a non-executive co-founder of the PECO Fund, an investment group of proprietary M&A intermediary partners, high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors. This fund acts as a co-investor alongside Private Equity Sponsors. Together, each target company¬†belongs to the Private Equity Sponsor and the Target Investment, LLC. Furthermore, PECO’s investors have a unique opportunity to participate in deals not otherwise available to the public at large.

Finally, partnering with institutional capital, he has built a diversified and extensive network to identify executives interested in: (1) buying a company or division, (2) acquiring a company they have identified in their industry, or (3) seeking to purchase a company in a specific industry. He recognizes that an expert management team is integral in driving a successful LBO, MBO, or merger and acquisition.