Talent Acquisition Closed Wins (PE Backed)

We work with hundreds of corporate firms, no matter public, private, or PE backed companies. Here are a few example wins our talent acquisition team has achieved recently.







Safety Manager and Controller

Location: WI, FL

Contract signed in 2013. First hire within a month, all four positions filled within 2 months.

Four positions in total: two in each location. Blackmore Partners Talent Acquisition Team sourced and delivered qualified candidates for these four openings within 2 months upon signing of contract in 2014.







Board Director

Position was filled within 3 months.

Joliet was looking for a board director with rich industry experiences, but they didn’t offer specific job description. The Talent Acquisition team sourced through Blackmore Partners’ database and soon presented to Joliet 20+ executives with pertinent industry experiences. The position was filled within 3 months since the contract was signed, much sooner than Joliet expected.