Getting Hired by Private Equity: Know the Timeline 

Written by:  The PE Guru – Gerald Moran O’Dwyer, III – Blackmore Partners, Inc.     In the highly competitive world of Private Equity, understanding the timeline of a firm’s operations is of utmost importance if you aspire to secure a management role. Most firms operate within three distinct 18-month

The Case for Private Equity CEOs: Unlocking the Value of Expertise 

 Written by:  The PE Guru – Gerald Moran O’Dwyer, III – Blackmore Partners, Inc.     Introduction   In today’s corporate landscape, the role of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) holds paramount importance in driving an organization’s success. As businesses strive to stay competitive and adapt to rapidly changing market conditions,

As an executive seeking a job, you can apply the principles outlined in “Only the Paranoid Survive” to thrive and survive in the job market by following these steps:

Written by:  The PE Guru – Gerald Moran O’Dwyer, III – Blackmore Partners, Inc. 1.Stay aware of changes in your industry: Keep track of the latest trends, technologies, and developments in your field. Understand the challenges facing your industry and be ready to adapt to them. Be prepared to explain

Reasons you can use to leverage a PE meeting!

  Written by:  The PE Guru – Gerald Moran O’Dwyer, III – Blackmore Partners, Inc.     There are several other reasons why industry executives might meet with private equity firms. Here are a few additional possibilities:    Fundraising: Private equity firms typically manage large pools of capital and may

Unlocking the Untapped Potential – The Quantifiable Benefits of Executives Sourcing Deals in Private Equity Lower Middle Market with Blackmore Partners Inc.

Written by: The PE Guru – Gerald Moran O’Dwyer, III – Blackmore Partners, Inc.   Introduction:  In the fast-paced world of private equity, executives constantly seek innovative ways to enhance their portfolio, credibility, and financial standing. One avenue that holds immense potential is sourcing deals in the lower middle market

Networking at PE conferences leads to opportunities for you.

Written By: Gerald O’Dywer, the PE Guru   Executives may attend private equity conferences with PE firms for several reasons,    Networking:  Conferences provide an opportunity for executives to meet and connect with other executives, as well as private equity professionals. This can help them build relationships that may lead to

How to Get a Meeting With a PE Firm?

Written By: Gerald O’Dywer, the PE Guru  There are several ways that industry executives can get an audience with private equity firms:   Networking:  One of the best ways to get an audience with a private equity firm is through networking. Attend industry conferences and events where private equity firms are

Can PE conferences give you a competitive edge? 

Written By: Gerald O’Dywer the PE Guru   Attending private equity conferences can also provide executives with the following advantages:   Gaining a competitive edge:  Attending conferences can give executives a competitive edge by keeping them informed about the latest industry trends, developments, and best practices. This can help them make

Unlocking Private Equity Success: A Comprehensive Guide for Executives 

Written By: Gerald O’Dywer the PE Guru   In the dynamic world of Private Equity (PE), executives need more than just experience—they need a tailored approach to navigate the complexities and seize opportunities. At our program, we provide a holistic set of services across Education, Free Experience, Networking, Tools, Legal,

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