Unlocking Success – How PE-Owned Firms Shine in the $3M-$15M EBITDA Sweet Spot

Written By: Gerald O’Dwyer the PE Guru   Private Equity (PE) ownership in the middle market has grown in prominence, and it has become an avenue of considerable financial and professional opportunity. Companies that fall within the $3M – $15M EBITDA range, when under PE ownership, have shown a notable

Case Study: Maximizing Returns through Strategic Exit and Tax Benefits – Majority Exit

Written By: Gerald O’Dwyer the PE Guru for owners and executives wanting to play in the Private Equity world.     Background:    In a challenging economic environment, with banks closing branches and laying off thousands, as reported by ZeroHedge, business owners are contemplating strategies to unlock value from their businesses.

Private Equity Firms Embrace Equity Financing for Add-ons Amid Challenging Debt Market

    Private Equity (PE) investors often face a multitude of risks during the acquisition process. These risks can manifest at various stages of the acquisition, from early detection to full manifestation. By attending industry conferences like ACG and Blackmore Connects, investors can enhance their ability to understand, identify, and

Mastering the Private Equity Landscape: A Comprehensive Approach with Blackmore Partners, Inc. and BlackmoreConnects

In the competitive world of Private Equity (PE), having the right partners to guide your journey is essential. Blackmore Partners, Inc., an independent, minority-owned merchant bank, and BlackmoreConnects, an executive membership organization, play pivotal roles in this sphere, offering a two-pronged approach to maximize your potential as an executive in

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